Adwaith Safitizer

Titan Paints and Chemicals Private Limited have come up with a new product line confiding in its 7 decades of experience in manufacturing quality Paint products – Preventive Medical Care Products, Hand Sanitizers in form liquid as well gel under the brand name – Adwaith Safitizer

Sanitize for a better living

“Sanitize to begin your day” is the new normal. To preserve health is one’s responsibility and safety is ensured when we raise our personal hygiene standards. While pondering on the benefits offered in staying hygienic, hand sanitizer is the first thing that pops up in our mind as it has been ruling the present era with its amazing antiseptic properties.  Hand sanitizer also known as hand rub plays a vital role in protecting your skin from germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Adwaith Safitizer’s Hand Sanitizer

Adwaith Safitizer strongly believes in educating the mind about the product as precautions come before safety! The hand is the only part of our body that has high chances of attracting germs mainly because we use it more often than our other body parts. Thus, hand sanitizers were introduced to target and kill germs by rubbing the liquid all over the surfaces of your hand until you feel complete dryness.

Adwaith Safitizer understands the importance of having a hygienic life and is happy to present you these wonderful precautionary liquid hand antiseptics. Hand disinfectant is proven to be the best germ fighter as it contains Isopropyl alcohol along with glycol and aqua in its composition. The ocean blue colour of this liquid exhibits its medical importance by denoting purity and hygiene. One of the properties that make this antiseptic differ from a normal soap or a hand foam is its alcoholic odour being subsided with natural aromas of Sandal, Rose and Citrus. What makes this hand rub really interesting is that it is completely environment friendly and the disposal of the package is arranged in accordance with the local state statutory regulations.

The chemical properties of a product have to be considered to ensure proper maintenance and safety.  Since hand sanitizer contains alcohol, the vapour pressure of this liquid at a temperature of 20 degree Celsius is 44hPa and increases as the temperature increases. The pH level of a hand sanitizer reduces the level of acidity on your skin and increases alkalinity making the skin dry thus, to ease such discomfort, moisturizer can be used. The flash point of a hand sanitizer is about fifteen degree Celsius making it highly flammable and dangerous therefore it is not advisable to store it in hot places like a closed car. On the contrary, hand rubs do not cause any harm under normal conditions where stability is favoured. Since the evaporation rate of this chemical anti-septic is comparatively higher than other liquids, fast evaporation takes place when the package containing it is not closed properly. Ensure to keep away oxidants as this liquid is highly reactive in their presence.

Safety First

  • Make sure to keep the sanitizer away from your eyes, nose, and other sensitive parts of the body.
  • In case of unfortunate ingestion of the liquid, consume enough amount of water to avoid nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
  • Always store the product in cold and dry places.
  • Best before24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • We are open to taking bulk orders for 5 litres and above.