Floor Disinfectant

It is terrifying to come to terms with the fact that a virus-like ‘Corona’ rules the present world making lives unassured and at risk. It takes a lot of efforts and precautions to keep ourselves from bacteria and viruses when exposed to the outside world. You can make life easier if you start taking precautionary measures at home itself to ensure safety. You may be worried about choosing the right disinfectant for your floorings but here is the good news for you! Titan serves the best disinfectant products to keep your environment safe and clean.

Fight Germs with our Germ Fighters

If you are looking for the right reasons to choose our floor disinfectant, take a look at the description and benefits that our product offers to feel confident about your decision. 

Adwaith Floor Disinfectant

Titan manufactures floor disinfectants to kill microbes like bacteria and viruses. The floor is the main part of a building be it a home or a restaurant, where thousands of footprints are left which can probably have germs that are indelible unless the right antiseptic is used.  Although floor contamination does not transfer diseases directly, the chances of contact between two people make the spread of germs easier. This floor-protecting agent does not restrict its uses only for homes but also for small commercial establishments and large industrial areas where high man movements are noticed. Adwaith floor disinfectant contains a minimum of 70% and a maximum of 75% of alcohol to break the germ cells thereby inactivating their movements and spread. The percentage of germ killed is measured in LOG values and this product kills 99.999% of the surface microbes which is India’s present highest microbe killing performance with the guarantee of leaving only ten alive out of ten lakh microbes. You will be surprised to witness the result of using our floor disinfectant as it takes just 9 seconds to kills the germs and makes your environmental surfaces safe and hygienic. You can thus conclude that Adwaith liquid floor disinfectant is definitely greater than products that meet LOG3 and LOG4 measuring standards. 

The Human-Friendly Disinfectant

Titan prioritizes your safety before everything! Our floor disinfectant is manufactured to provide you with a reasonable chemical composition to ensure proper cleaning and killing off germs but we are excited to announce that we are Ayush certified and our disinfectant contains special essential oils for skin protection. You can now sanitize your floors with one of the strongest disinfectants in India at an affordable price. Our product is available in 350ml(pump and aerosol), 500ml(Aerosol), 500ml(Flip-top, Mist pump, Trigger), 1 Litre, and for bulk orders in  5 Litre, 20 Litre, and 208 Litre drum.

Instructions to Follow

  • Clean the surface before applying liquid
  • Gently spray the liquid all over the surface and let it sit for 20 minutes
  • Soak the cloth, microfiber or tissue paper with disinfectant and wipe the surfac

Safety Measures to be taken

  • Do not bring the chemical in contact with the eyes or any sensitive part of the body
  •  Disinfectants are highly inflammable, therefore, do not place them near open flames or other ignition sources. 
  • Store the product in a dark and cool place preferably with a temperature not exceeding 50-degree Celcius
  •  Do not burn the product while disposing 
  • Ensure to keep the liquid away from children
  • Test on the surface before use

Titan wishes you a germ-free life with Adwaith floor disinfectant!